Big Thunder XVI  2010


Who Went:    Barry, Dave O., Jim, T-Bone, Bill, Dave V., Lloyd.  


Who Didn’t:  Hoody owed uncle sam, Martin, Rich just out,  Bob had a broken hand


When:    Left on Sat 3/6/10 at 11:00, returned Wed 3/10/10 at 6:00pm. 

We had two groups.   T-Bone traveled from his home in Vancouver Washington (now retired) in big Max – his Duramax diesel.    The rest traveled in rented thunder van (left around 11:00 (so Jim could watch his son’s jazz band play) and got home around 6:00.   T-Bone made it to the cabin a couple of hours ahead of the rest and took care of hot tub, groceries, etc.



Where:   Went to North Tahoe.    Stayed at “MorganHaus” at 1208 Lords Drive (up highway 267 towards Northstar.  Place was a couple of miles off of 267 back in a quiet development.  Great Hot tub, 4 bedrooms (2 downstairs, 2 upstairs, plus a loft with three beds), small kitchen, old tv but had direct tv, internet hookup.  Great kitchen table that could seat everyone (and made for good poker).



Sunday – Alpine Meadows for $59 due to snowbomb discounts.  Good Day,   Got there at 10:00,  break at 1:00.    Lot of great runs.  Weather and snow conditions changed every hour.  Started sunny then got cloudy.  Took our lunch break at the mid chalet.  Ended around 4:00 and enjoyed “corn snow” out on the lodge deck while having post ski drinks.


Monday:   Planned to go the Sugar Bowl but weather was to iffy- looked like wet snow and white out up high.   Drove there but decided to turnaround and go to Northstar.   Weather was much better.  Expensive ($85) unless you had tahoe card ($69).  Noticed Northstar was maturing as a destination  resort (which is why it was so expensive).  Great runs on the “backside”.  Long “leg burners” with decent snow.   Also went over to the new area before lunch (Lookout mountain).  Snow was not as good except for 1 run.  We had lunch at the summit in the enclosed “tent”.   Skied all day but went back to cabin for traditional post ski drinks.


Tuesday:   Two for one at Rose,  Another Great Day of skiing- but no powder.  Weather was perfect.   New Lodge was open on the backside.   Had lunch at the old lodge.    Dave O. and Barry found “tree skiing” on front side.  We all took a shot at it at least once.  Full day of skiing with tradition drinks in the bar.



Saturday.   Went to Steamers for pizza since thunder van came in late. Very good!


Sunday:    Dave worked up some bacon and eggs for breakfast.    Lunch was sandwiches on the slopes.  Dinner was Country Style Pork that T-Bone put together with rice, mac&cheese, salad, and rolls – nothing special.


Monday:  Jim worked up some bacon and eggs for breakfast – just as good as the day before.   Lunch was at the mountain.   Dinner was leftovers,  no one really wanted to drive to get food since it was snowing.  


Tuesday:    Barry prepared “double bake French toast”- great as usual.   Lunch was at the ski resort.   Bill prepared spaghetti with Jim making meatballs – good eating.   Lloyd had shrimp and pesto.



Saturday night:  Ate late so just watched some TV.


Sunday night:    Bill, Dave V. Dave O, Lloyd, and T-Bone went downtown for some quick gaming.  Bill, Lloyd and Dave all won (~50-60 bucks). 


Monday:   Watched movie (Old School).   Thunder gaming started afterwards with Lloyd and Barry building big stacks.  Decided to hold chips to continue next night.


Tuesday:   Watched movie (Hangover).    Thunder gaming started again after movie.   Money seemed to move around with T-Bone and Dave V losing but everyone else winning.  Commish took an early nap but came got up around 11:00 to win a few hands!.  


Thunder Saying:   “CRAP” (usually related to something T-Bone said)


Thunder Spirit Award:  Lloyd and T-Bone for logistics (house, food, van, tickets). Barry for Driving at Tahoe.


Thunder New:    Barry’s new skis


Thunder Master Chief:    Bill:   Spaghetti sauce



Thunder Memories: